The Cool Products is one of the leading drinking water brands in Pakistan.
It was one of the first brands to introduce reverse osmosis technology. Brisk Cool uses a fully automated, latest technology in its factory with a covered area of 5000 sqm and a distribution network covering most of the areas. The Cool Products has established itself as the preferred drinking water brand for everyone.

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Water: A fundamental human need. The benefits of clean drinking water influence our daily lives which are well-known,e.g.



Drinking sufficient water to maintain body’s fluid levels is good for mental alertness and concentration.


Water participates in digestive processes by which food is broken down and also eliminates undigested materials from digestive tract.


Clear healthy skin:

Having sufficient fluids within body helps to restore skin tissues and keeps the skin hydrated.

Temperature regulation:

Body needs enough water to control body temperature which is achieved by thermal properties of water.


Physical performance:

Physical activity causes water to be released from body in several ways, therefore, drinking right amount of water helps to maintain healthy fluid levels and keeps you active.


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